Most people have heard of progressive rock (or prog rock, or simply prog) but the great majority of them treat it with mild disdain (at best) or outright hatred (at worst). Most of the criticism is a mindless rejection based on current trends and a misunderstanding of the genre; “dinosaur” is a common term of abuse, neatly parodied by Adrian Belew on King Crimson’s 1994 album Thrak


There is an increasing quantity of literature on the subject, ranging from the analytical or academic (Edward Macan, Rocking the Classics; Kevin Holme-Hudson, Progressive Rock Revisited) to the fairly straightforward lists (Charles Snider, The Strawberry Bricks Guide to Progressive Rock.) There are also thousands of fans out there who not only continue to attend concerts, but also contribute to a growing network of fanzines and on-line forums. Fans are even served by Prog, a glossy magazine from Future Publishing now in its ninth year, entirely devoted to prog in all its forms


The ProgBlog has been put together to encourage discussion about progressive rock music illustrated by personal observation


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The original aim of the blog was to promote discussion about all and any facet of progressive rock but from time to time, bands and musicians contact ProgBlog with new prog-related material that they want to expose to a wider audience; ProgBlog's album of 2017 An Invitation by Amber Foil was one such approach. The DISCovery section has been introduced to better serve the requirements of musicians who contact ProgBlog with the aim of increasing the audience for their music; without music there can be no discussion of music.


Henrik 'Hens' Huber is an Austrian guitarist, formerly of I Watch Mountains Grow. His first solo outing, the Solipsist EP is a really interesting instrumental prog metal project where the individual tracks portray the internal struggle of the titular solipsist. An accomplished player with a distinctive style, his music will be of interest to fans of Canadian prog-metallers INTERVALS

DISCover Huber's music here

Da Vinci's Spirit

The ProgBlog Diary

A list of recent past, present and future happenings in the prog world

04 - September 2019




Live report: 30/8/2019 Lifesigns – Trading Boundaries

When I first heard the self-titled debut from Lifesigns I ignorantly dismissed it as ‘prog lite’ but the opportunity to see them play at Trading Boundaries, somewhere I’d never visited, at the end of August made me listen to it again along with a couple of tracks from their sophomore release Cardington, provoking a Damascene conversion. Trading Boundaries is the home of vintage Indian furniture, iconic album art (with the only gallery in the world devoted to the paintings of Roger Dean), courtyard shopping including Green Vinyl, a café-bar, and best of all acts as a live music venue with optional dining experience. When Lifesigns first played there the audience consisted of 'one man and his dog' but this show was performed to a packed audience. Two sets covered around two and a half hours, during which we were treated to first-class prog from their two albums, plus John Young’s The Last One Home, originally played with the short-lived Qango and due to appear on a forthcoming Lifesigns release


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Latest additions to the ProgBlog collection: Transitions (download) by Malcolm Galloway; The Universe also Collapses by Gong (Vinyl); Ark (download) by Hats Off Gentlemen it’s Adequate;  Nobody’s Fault but My Own (V) by Jack Hues and the Quartet ft. Syd Arthur; Dark Matter (CD) and The Road of Bones (CD) by IQ; Lifesigns (CD) and Lifesigns Live in London – Under the Bridge (DVD/CD) by Lifesigns; From a Distance (CD) by Not a Good Sign; Hipnotizados (download) by Orquesta Metafisica; Reflections & Odysseys (CD) by Rymden; Third (V) by Soft Machine; The Best of 2 Days Prog + 1 Veruno 2018 (DVD)

14/8/2019 Hats Off Gentlemen release the three track EP Ark – a story based on a personal connection to the Second World War aircraft carrier Ark Royal where guitarist Malcolm Galloway’s grandfather was an airman crewing Swordfish torpedo bombers

Live report: 7/9/2019 IQ – Islington Assembly Hall

IQ’s last album The Road of Bones from 2014 was very well received and it was evident from the queue before the doors to the hall opened that the band, one of neo-prog’s vanguard, retained a staunchly loyal following. I’d latched on to the phenomenon fairly late, having spent the 80s filling in gaps from the 70s rather and missing out on both IQ and Marillion (though I did get to see Solstice.) Armed with copies of the first two albums on both second-hand vinyl and CD (Tales from the Lush Attic) and download (The Wake), plus a download of Dark Matter from 2004, I’d been attempting for some time to get to see them at one of their Christmas gigs but failing due to other commitments. This performance made up for the missed opportunities because though advertised as a launch show for their new album Resistance the set list covered the full gamut of their existence. Apart from over-mixed bass for the first two songs Alampandria and From the Outside In which prompted calls of ‘turn the bass down’ from a gentleman in front of me (who may have been the ‘Stop Brexit’ crier from outside parliament, such was his delivery) the sound was well balanced and I had an exceptionally good view. Nice friendly venue, excellent performance

2/10/2019 and 6/10/2019 Roger Waters Us + Them – A film by Sean Evans and Roger Waters

Worldwide in cinemas on October 2nd and 6th only


16/10/2019 ESP Project, Half Moon, Putney

The Rising (available 11/10/19) album launch – another beautifully crafted addition to the canon from Tony Lowe’s ESP Project



20/9/2019 Italy’s Cellar Noise release their second album Nautilus available as a download or in physical format as a digipack CD from BTF

Nautilus has a more modern prog sound and is less reliant on the 70’s progressive feel of its predecessor but is unmistakably Cellar Noise. The band will debut the album on October 6th at Milan’s Legend Club

Coming up:


19/9/2019 An evening of prog, prog metal and industrial metal at The Fiddler’s Elbow, Camden with Hats Off Gentlemen it’s Adequate + Final Coil + Global Noise Attack. From 7.30pm

Prog metal - Dream Theater cover

6/9/2019 Genoa symphonic prog band Melting Clock release the single Caleidoscopio from their forthcoming album Destinazioni (due out at the end of October.) The track is very representative of their sound: expertly layered instrumental passages with truly stunning vocals, demonstrating their ability to craft intelligent, hyper-melodic songs

Caleidoscopio Lifesigns 01 IQ 01 Roger Waters Us+Them ESP Project -The Rising Cellar Noise



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