ProgBlog's 2016 Quiz

1)Who recreated Area’s Event ’76 forty years on?

2)Which live act introduced songs in support of the end of violence towards women and as a response to the rise of the right-wing in France?

3)Who was a common collaborator with both ESP and David Cross?

4)Which former band leader made an album appearance 18 months after he had died?

5)Name three collaborators from Steven Wilson’s Hand.Cannot.Erase who appeared as guests during the live performances in early 2016

6)Which of Jon Anderson’s 2016 projects did not result in a new album?

7)Which member of the Genesis family joined up with tribute act Genetics for one gig and in which city?

8)Who utilised grand-scale prog, poetry and song to rejoice in and keep legends and mythic ideas alive in 2016?

9)Who rejoiced in 40 year old myths and legends?

10)Who isn’t over-impressed by social media commentators and dedicated their first album to the memory of Chris Squire?

11)Who chose the Waterside Theatre for their only live UK dates in 2016?

12)Who channelled Apuleio's Metamorphosis to create some modern symphonic prog that doubled up as ballet music?

13)Which artists and which artist had commemorative stamps produced in 2016?

14)Which artist who died unexpectedly in 2016 last perform in July 2015, a concert celebrating his musical career?

15)Who reflected on driving around Italy in a classic Italian roadster?

16)Who completed their version of Dante’s Divine Comedy after 43 years?

17)Which guitarist released a collection of photographs?

18)Who, during live performances, announced a tribute to the man he replaced, three years after the death of the original musician?

19)With no original members remaining but with two longstanding contributors carrying the torch, which band reverted to their original name for their 2016 tour?

20)Which musician links the David Cross and Steven Wilson groups?


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ProgBlog revisits 2016 with some easy and some obscure prog questions.

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