ProgBlog's 2017 Quiz

ProgBlog revisits 2017 with some easy and some obscure prog questions.

There's a special ProgBlog gift for the first correct set of answers...

1.Which album sowed the seeds of progressive rock when it was released 50 years ago?


2.Bassist John Wetton died in January this year, leaving an amazing sonic legacy. Which 1970 album links Wetton with Gordon Giltrap?


3.Who wrote an album based on aspects of fire, only for the chosen site for the photography to be ravaged by fire?


4.Which historian showed David Gilmour around Pompeii?


5.Which major prog star appeared on the BBC Breakfast sofa?


6.A documentary film premiere was shown at the Barbican of which classic electronica band?


7.Which Italian band formed in the 80s and released their first album in the early 90s, split up but reformed a few years later under a different name when they released a self-titled album, but only played their first ever gig, in their home city, to promote a new album in 2017?


8.Which new King Crimson track was premiered on the 2017 Radical Action Tour and what was the venue?


9.Which band members were present for their induction into the Portsmouth Guildhall Wall of Fame?


10.Which Italian band released a debut recording with songs based on stations from London Underground’s Circle and District lines?


11.Which album by which artist references Scotland, Peru, Iceland and Mars?


12.In his immensely readable book The Show That Never Ends - The Rise and Fall of Prog Rock, David Weigel incorrectly states what about Wembley Arena?


13.Which guitarist, who died this year, swapped UK-based jazz-rock for US-based fusion in the 70s?


14.Who played 103 different songs over the course of their last tour?


15.Who decried the economic system and our treatment of fellow human beings on his latest album?


16.Which artist’s release featured re-mastering by a guitarist who plays with a group common to both of them, about 20 years apart!


17.Which living members of Yes, past and present, were not inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?


18.Peter Gabriel wrote the foreword to which book?


19.Who released an eponymous album which also featured the musician who wrote the preface to his book about progressivo Italiano albums?


20.What do a saxophonist and his daughter have to do with 6174?

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