week commencing 22/1/18

The Swan Song by Servants of Science

Cavalli-Cocchi Lanzetti Roversi by Cavalli-Cocchi Lanzetti Roversi

Le Porte del Domani by La Maschera di Cera

Mass-Media Stars by Acqua Fragile

L'Isola di Niente by Premiata Forneria Marconi

Amore e non Amore by Lucio Battisti

The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table by Rick Wakeman

Greatest Hits by Ekseption

Giro di Valzer per Domani by Arti+Mestieri


w/c 29/1/18

Discipline by King Crimson

Metamorphosis by Hamnesia

The Raven that Refused to Sing and Other Stories by Steven Wilson

The Story of i by Patrick Moraz

Hamburger Concerto by Focus

Perilous Journey by Gordon Giltrap

Io Sono Nato Libero (legacy edition) by Banco del Mutuo Soccorso

Campo di Marte by Campo di Marte

Bursting Out by Jethro Tull

Cold Reading by Bram Stoker

Rise of a New Ideology by Zombie Picnic


w/c 5/2/18

Yes by Yes

Live/Remix by Portico Quartet

Yesshows by Yes

Do They Hurt? by Brand X

Blackdance by Klaus Schulze

Ricochet by Tangerine Dream

Do Not Disturb by Van der Graaf Generator

Chariots of Fire (soundtrack) by Vangelis

Il Giusto Equilibrio by Panther & C.

Art in the Age of Automation by Portico Quartet

Hot Rats by Frank Zappa


w/c 12/2/18

Caution Radiation by Area

Is This the Life We Really Want? by Roger Waters

Animals by Pink Floyd

Brandung by Novalis

Dopo l'Infinito by Nuova Era

Equatorial Array by Gareth Page

L'Oro di Tutti by Muffx

Live at the Venue by Bruford

From Silence to Somewhere by Wobbler