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I've included a number of album reviews embedded in old blogs alongside reviews of new releases and the latest gigs.

These old reviews have been edited to remove temporal context, to fulfil the requirements of the Progarchives site where many have also been posted under my forum name Agnenrecords


I’ve also included book reviews in this section; some have been culled from my Amazon reviews, some from blogs, and some are new


Unlike the blogs, these have not been sorted by date but please feel free to imagine yourself in a bookshop or record shop, and browse

All My Yesterdays

Album review: Refugee - Refugee (1974)


This review first appeared in the blog Forgotten Classic from 2/2/2014 and was edited to appear as an album review on Amazon and subsequently on under the authorship of Agnenrecords

refugee the monster of Firenze

Album review: Una Stagione All'Inferno - Il Mostro di Firenze


This review first appeared in the blog Dark Prog from 22/7/2018 and was edited to appear as an album review on under the authorship of Agnenrecords

the red planet

Album review - Rick Wakeman & The English Rock Ensemble - The Red Planet


Dedicated to all things Mars, The Red Planet represents another aspect of Rick Wakeman’s continued fascination with space and promised fans a keyboard-heavy instrumental prog album in the style of his earliest solo work The Six Wives of Henry VIII from 1973. Find out if he’s as good as his word here

Il Fuoco sotto la cenere

Album review: Il Cerchio d'Oro - Il Fuoco sotto la cenere


This review first appeared in the blog Il Cerchio d'Oro from 5/12/2017 and was edited to appear as an album review on under the authorship of Agnenrecords


Album review: Christadoro - Christadoro


This review first appeared in the blog One Old, One New from 12/2/2017 and was edited to appear as an album review on under the authorship of Agnenrecords

Planted Feet - Frozen Factory

Album review: Frozen Factory - Planted Feet


Alt-rock rather than prog, on Planted Feet UK-Finland band Frozen Factory employ a wide range of tones and tempos to investigate those with a fixed position on matters affecting the future of our planet, and what it might take to get them to even think about an alternative point of view. It's political and it's intelligent

il Giusto Equilibrio

Album review: Panther & C. - Il Giusto Equilibrio


This review first appeared in the blog Panther & C. from 5/7/2017. It was edited to appear as an album review on under the authorship of Agnenrecords and has been brought up-to-date for a post-Covid 19 lockdown world

ESP  first two albums

Album Review – ESP, Invisible Din; ESP 2.0 - 22 Layers of Sunlight


This review was taken from the blogs Extra Sensory Perception? (13/11/16)  and The storm after the calm (30/4/18)

Separate reviews, also based on the two blogs, have appeared on under my username Agnenrecords

Album Review – Yak, Quest for the Stones


This review was taken almost verbatim from the blog Yak (7/6/15) and appears on under my username Agnenrecords

Quest for the Stones

Album Review – Hovercraft, Fall


Fall is the second album by Katowice-based Hovercraft, a one-man project that can be enjoyed by any post-rock fan. It specifically fits in the Bristol Movie Rock genre - a category dreamed up by Bartosz Gromotka (Hovercraft) to allow his music to be classified by anyone who really wants to pin labels on things. Read the ProgBlog review here

36 Fall - Hovercraft Yes i the Answer cover

Book review - Marc Weingarten & Tyson Cornell (eds.)

Yes is the Answer and other prog rock tales


Barnacle / Rare Bird (2013)

ISBN: 9780985490201

273 pages


A short version of this review appeared as an review in 2014

Vol II cover (small)

EP Review – Archaeologist, Vol II (remixed/remastered)


Archaeologist's Vol II originally saw the light of dy in 2015 but has just been remixed and remastered for a 2020 release. It comes a little over 6 months after Winter's Wake (reviewed on ProgBlog 13/1/20) and it's interesting to hear the differences between the two EPs. Vol II should delight both fans of bands like PERIPHERY and fans of more technical death metal. Read Stefano's review here

Album Review – ESP Project, Phenomena


The fifth release from the ESP stable (ESP Invisible Din, ESP 2.0), Phenomena is another slight shift away from symphonic prog to crossover prog or symphonic rock, but it's filled with all the best things the preceding four albums brim with: superb production; carefully constructed musical layers; intelligent lyrics; great playing and singing; and gorgeous presentation. Read the review here

cover Hollowscene album cover

Album review: Hollowscene - Hollowscene


This review first appeared in the blog Hollowscene from 26/6/2018 and was edited to appear as an album review on under the authorship of Agnenrecords

Ayreon - Transitus cover

Album Review – Ayreon, Transitus


Of all the extravaganzas that make up his discography, Arjen Lucassen regards the new Ayreon album Transitus as hist most ambitious work yet, describing it as '...without a doubt the most cinematic and outrageous album I’ve ever done.'  Read Stefano's review here

Album review: La Maschera di Cera - S.E.I.


Seven years on from La Maschera di Cera's last studio album Le Porte del Domani, a conceptual follow-up to Le Orme's Felona e Sorona, the band have returned with possibly their best album yet, the progressivo italiano symphonic tour de force S.E.I.

Read the review here

SEI La Maschera di Cera


Album Review: Pink Floyd - The Endless River 


Pink Floyd’s last ever studio album of unreleased music, The Endless River, is a nice tribute to keyboard player Rick Wright who died in 2008, and ends on high after referencing the band’s sonic journey from Ummagumma to The Division Bell. Taken from the blog Pink Floyd end with The Endless River from 16/11/14, read the standalone review here


Endless River